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Real-space imaging of non-collinear antiferromagnetic order with a single-spin magnetometer.
I. Gross, W. Akhtar, V. Garcia, L. J. Martínez, S. Chouaieb, K. Garcia, C. Carrétéro, A. Barthélémy, P. Appel, P. Maletinsky, J.-V. Kim, J. Y. Chauleau, N. Jaouen, M. Viret, M. Bibes, S. Fusil and V. Jacques
Nature 549, 252 (2017) 

Phase stochastic resonance in a forced nano-electromechanical membrane.
A. Chowdhury, S. Barbay, M. G. Clerc, I. Robert-Philip and R. Braive
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 234101 (2017)

Current-induced skyrmion generation and dynamics in symmetric bilayers.
A. Hrabec, J. Sampaio,M. Belmeguenai, I. Gross, R.Weil, S.M. Chérif, A. Stashkevich, V. Jacques, A. Thiaville, and S. Rohart
Nature Communications 8, 15765 (2017)

Stimulated Raman adiabatic control of a nuclear spin in diamond
R. Coto, V. Jacques, G. Hétet, and J. R. Maze
Phys. Rev. B 96, 085420 (2017)

Overtones of interlayer shear modes in the phonon-assisted emission spectrum of hexagonal boron nitride
T. Q. P. Vuong, G. Cassabois, P. Valvin, V. Jacques, R. Cusco, L. Artus, and B. Gil
Phys. Rev. B 95, 045207 (2017)

Phonon symmetries in hexagonal boron nitride probed by incoherent light emission
P. Vuong, G. Cassabois, P. Valvin, V. Jacques, A. Van Der Lee, A. Zobelli, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, and B. Gil
2D Materials 4, 011004 (2017)

High-finesse Fabry-Perot cavities with bidimensional Si3N4 photonic-crystal slab
X. Chen, C. Chardin, S. Chua, K. Makles, C. Caer, R. Braive, I. Robert-Philip, P.-F. Cohadon, T. Briant, A. Heidmann, T. Jacqmin and S. Deléglise
Light : Science and Applicationss 6, e16186 (2017)